Good without a cause

Even the littlest things God did for us, we never deserved them, yet he did them still. He never judged us before caring, loving us, he did all these on default, without any argument.

He is in best position to say “hey! you do not deserve my goodness,” yet we see the fullness of his goodness.

We should learn then from him, he still stands as our ultimate coach, our number mentor/ role model.

So the message today is;

Love without conditions.

Care for no reason.

Be good without a cause.

Forgive wholeheartedly.

Bless those who curse you.

Let you goodness shock people around you.

Be the Christ people see, be the mortal God on earth. If we are called the sons of God then our Papa’s fruits should be evident in our lives.

This is blessed.

©️ Sophy Bless, September 2020.

A responsibility

Dear believer, the responsibility of preaching the gospel of truth isn’t the responsibility of only the pulpit ministers, it is a mandate for all who are called by the name of Christ.

When Jesus said we should go and make disciples of all nations, he didn’t limit it to a particular group of believers but to everyone who believes.

Yes, we have different callings, different ministries, different departments, different gift and talents but one thing that must be found amongst all brethren is the mandate of winning souls for Christ.

It is good to be saved and delivered but it is better to save and deliver through the power of Christ.

Christ went further to mention the signs that would follow as many that believe in him, he said they’ll cast out devil’s, they’ll heal the sick, they’ll raise the dead, they’ll take up deadly things and it would not hurt them.

How many of these signs are evident in your life? Healing, they say is the children’s bread but do you take your money to go purchase this same bread you could bake yourself?

The world responds to signs, what signs do you carry? Can the world look at you and say “he carries the signs, same signs their master talked about.”

The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few, be among these few, join this train and hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


©️ Sophy Bless, August 2020.

The ocean’s blue and the flaming glow.

She burns, I flow
Yet attracted I got to her flaming glow.
Needsth I say that her golden look
Appeased my ocean blue?
Fighteth it like a warlord
Still her power flickered like a warlock.
Magic! I guessed was her heirloom.

Becometh I the possessee of a flame?
Papa always say,
“Fire and water can never reason together”
Yet at dawn we meet at the bank,
Our index fingers lurk,
I get heated, she gets quenched.

Mama always say,
“Opposites attract”
Yet it seemed I quenched my flaming glow
With every single tap.
“Consume not I you?
I adore thee but be ye far from me,”
In concern, I spoke to my flaming glow,
But at dawn we meet at the bank,
Our index fingers lurk,
I get heated, she gets quenched.

Her limbs, she lost from touching me,
Lucky we were as they grew back again.
Her lips sank as we tried to kiss,
In fear I returned to oceans deep.
Thinkest I to quit
But the thought of her returns to me
And at dawn we meet at the bank,
Our index fingers lurk,
I get heated, she gets quenched.

“Have me in your arms
Hold on to me, tightly.
Let me swim the ocean’s deep with you
Let’s form a heat in the ocean”
Sayest my flaming glow.
Fear loomed, I drew back
“Draw back, flaming glow
Be ye careful of what you wish…”
And before I landed, she dived.

For a moment
I felt the heat, I didn’t want this to stop
I grabbed her to save her from the ocean’s cold,
The longer I held on to her
The faster she vanished.

Papa was always right
“Fire and water can never reason together.”
This became the chief of all my many sadnesses
Losing my flaming glow sank my heart
All heat I lost, I became as cold as ice.

But at dawn I approached the bank
Where we always met
I felt heat, I looked up.
I saw my flaming glow
High above the sky,
With a beautiful smile
I named her “the sun”
Our fingers never lurked again
But her heat was felt henceforth
From dawn to dusk.
Mama was right after all
“Opposites attract.”
Our love created heat for all.

©️ Sophy Bless, August 2020.

Let’s talk complacency

What does it mean to be complacent? According to the English dictionary, the word ‘Complacent’ means;

  1. Uncritically satisfied with oneself or one’s achievements; smug.
  2. Apathetic with regard to an apparent need or problem.

Easier put, I’ll say complacency can be defined as a satisfaction in oneself and the acceptance of oneself to be good enough with no room to be better. It could also be seen as the unwillingness to try out new things or develop older things i.e skills, work etc.

You would agree with me that life is like a highway journey and a difficult one at that. As they say, every high level comes with a higher devil, no matter how tough or rosy it gets, there must be a need to be better, to do more, to grow but if complancency rests in ones bossom it would be difficult to achieve growth.

A complacent person is a smug, irritatingly satisfied with ones achievement thereby not rooting for greater things.

A complacent student would score an ‘E’ in an examination and would be satisfied.

A complacent worker might get a salary reduction or even a demotion due to late coming and/or other offences but would be satisfied and not strive to be better.

A complacent spouse or partner would keep repeating old mistakes, same mistakes the other partner had complained bitterly about without any desire to change or improve.

A complacent teacher would apply the same techniques on students year in, year out, even when the results from the students are poor.

A self-satisfied person is a mediocre with nothing special or unique to be traced with. Are you a mediocre?

With the rising rate of technology, knowledge, power etc, it wouldn’t be harsh to say mediocrity is a killer disease. Why settle for an average when you could be excellent? Why sleep in hunger when you could rise in abundance? Why pride in nothing when you can be humble in something worthy?

What is your excuse for being complacent? List them. Rather than settle for the ‘not so bad’ results, you should change your approach to see if you’d stand a chance to be better.

As a man gets older, he must become wiser and unapologetically better. Research has shown that every human has at least 500 potentials deposited in them, there shouldn’t be a point in ones life where you’ll be totally contented with all that is happening around when there are hundreds of potentials waiting to be explored and mastered. Do not hide under the shadow of “a jack of all trades, master of none”, who says you can’t achieve mastery in many things? You must work on your believe system, what you believe is definitely what will work for you. If you can think it then you can be it.

Be always on your mark, getting set to go. Keep running, keep pushing, keep striving, always think of a better way out. You keep failing? That should be your greatest motivation to keep trying, tell yourself this; “I’ll keep trying till I start winning and continue growing.”

The greatest minds we have are not double-headed humans, they are ordinary people who sort alternative routes in their journeys.

I hope to see you better, at the top. Overtaking is permitted on the highway. Explore your potentials and experience a new level called “a better place”.

Be inspired.

©️ Sophy Bless, 21 July, 2020

A sweet poetry

A sweet poetry would;
Heal a broken heart
Stitch an open wound
cure an incurable disease.

A sweet poetry would;
deliver an expectant mother, softly
Change a hardened criminal
Cure depression.

A sweet poetry would;
make you fall in love
nurture its feelings
and satisfy its love appetite.

Roses are red
Violet are blue
A sweet poetry
Makes me new.

©️ Sophy Bless, 17th July, 2020

A band-aid, a breakthrough

Ripped soul, only my face show
‘gudup gudup’
My heart fears, what they call mare
Creapy crawl, my tears flow
‘gudup gudup’
My heart beats, like a racing horse

Like a drum filled with serpents and a human
So are a million words,
Trapped in my heart
“Say no word, lest you’re judged”
Yet I get bitten the more I’m shut.

Soaked eyes like cotton in rain
But these tears are just symptoms
A bulb in my throat
Threatening to break
Like a bird overdue in it’s shell
A wall over an athlete’s space
A stronghold too powerful
Would this wall crack soon?

Beautiful tragedy
Aweful strategy
Commendable Prodigy
A wundakind female
A Prima Donna sewer
Whose words are seen as sewage
Properly disposed in a dumpage
With a grime dumpster

But this heart is
Blaring like a crashing cymbal
Blasting like a trumpet’s tone
I wish it’d be soothing
Like a pianist’s chord
Or healing like a violinist’s flow
Not tormenting like a flutist’s whistle

Succoring in tears,
I’ll find breakthrough
Perhaps if I rip off the band-aid
Over my closed tongue
I would get some first-aid

©️ Sophy Bless, July 17, 2020.


Breathe baby! breathe
take in the air
feel how it’s warm
feel how it’s bare
let it reform
all your past err.
wind down the storm,
storm of despair.
Breathe! Breathe the air.

Breathe baby! breathe
no one will know
the pain you feel
from all your woe.
all the ordeal
you did forego.
you sought appeal
but found sorrow.
Still! Breathe and heal.

Breathe Baby! Breathe
take this moment
allow it all in
be confident
out and within
and please confront
the pain therein.
And in it’s front,
Breath! Out and in.

This poetry style is called an AIYEJINNIAN, a form of poetry created by AIYEJINNA ABRAHAM OSHOKUNOFA, a creative Nigerian poet who is passionate about the art of poetry.



My love for you
Was as fresh as an infant
Innocent, soft and breathtaking
The passion was as that of a baby
Sucking from Mama’s breast

My love for you
Walked and became a lad
Running about you
Teasing and playing
Comes for regular cuddles
Hold hands with you
For guidance
And preservation

My love for you
Up above the sky
Forgetting to doubt
Forgetting sadness
As your gaze never left me

My love for you
Grew and became a maiden
Endowed for her groom
Laid with a foundation of need
Brows of trust
lipsticked red with confidence
Powdered with a dash of warmth
Adorned with a blush
A blush of care
I stood a bride for a king
King you
You stood a king for a queen
Queen me

My love for you
Bore kids
And bloomed
Never ever did your gaze
Leave me
But I noticed!
Your eyesight grew bad
Taking your gaze from me
A whirlwind threw me
To the rocks
Smashing me
To the floor
You didn’t notice

My love for you
That was once and infant
Grew old and wrinkled
Pale and sick
This love limped
It withered


I blame growth,
she killed us
I should have remained
that suckling child
and you,
the lactating mother.

©️ Sophy Bless, July 3, 2020

Broken Glass (An African tale)

I arrived at my father’s compound, heavily pregnant with 2 ecolac boxes beside me.

Mum and dad were shocked to see me, “Modupe, kilon shele? You never told us you were coming,” mum said as she welcomed me.

Speechless, I stood as I stared at them, I could see an uneasy look on Dad’s face, “Mummy Dupe, do not bombard her with questions yet, I believe she’ll speak up later,” dad responded to mum’s question.

As I took more steps, they noticed I was limping, I couldn’t hide it, I only succeeded in hiding the burns on my back.

At age 21, I had numerous suitors, men of different works of life sorted for my hands in marriage, marriage was the last thing on my to-do list as I was very brilliant in school then but my parents felt marriage was the ultimate for every female child.

“Modupe, this is the best time to get married oh, a woman doesn’t have much time on her side,” my mum always said this to me, I wanted to get a university degree, get a well paying job or run a successful businesses before getting married but I was pressured by my parents beyond limit.

I yielded to their advice, I got married to Adelakun Adegboyega, the son of one of the chiefs in our town.

He resided in Lagos, this fact alone made my parent feel I had caught a big fish, I only saw Adelakun twice before we got wedded, both occasions were when he came to perform some traditional rites. I hated him, not only was he way older than me, he was so huge and had this scary look and crooked voice.

After our traditional wedding, Adelakun drove me in his pegeot 504 down to Lagos, we barely spoke as we journeyed, mum had assured me that I would be alright.

I would have preferred to be captured as a slave by a slave master rather than dwell in Adelakun’s bossom. When we arrived Lagos that night, he showed me round the house and I was made to cook dinner that night. Adelakun kept laughing mischievously as I cleared the table where he ate. That night was horrifying, Adelakun forced himself on me even after I had complained bitterly that my whole body ached.

I remembered how my friends and I always fantasized about our first night with our husbands, what I experienced was totally off from what I had dreamt of, permit me to save the details as talking about it would open fresh wounds.

Shortly after we settled in Lagos, I found out that my husband was not only a chronic alcoholic, he was also a womaniser and rumours had it that Adelakun was in a secret cult. I shared my matrimonial bed with different women, Adelakun didn’t even bother about how I felt. I remembered how he woke me up around 2:00am one night to cook Amala for one of his mistresses, I complained and received the beating of my life, in pains I went out that cold, rainy night, lighted the firewood stove and cooked for them.

I conceived many times but had numerous miscarriages. Before every miscarriage, I’ll see a huge masked man in my dream punching my stomach till I bleed and when I wake up, I would be soaked in my own blood.

These nightmares ceased when Mama Demola, our next door neighbour introduced me to her pastor who prayed for me, this got Adelakun very angry, this made me believe the rumours they said about him being a cultist. I sneaked whenever he was away to attend church, the more I attended church was the more he hated and spitted me.

I conceived again and for the very first time my pregnancy exceeded 3 months, this was a good news for me but a terrible news for my husband. He came home angrily one evening with a black substance in a water bottle, he asked me to drink it, he said he was not ready to have a baby yet and this got me more worried, who wouldn’t want to have a baby in marriage?

I refused to drink the substance and I earned several punches on my stomach that night, as he punched me heavily, I remembered the nightmares I always had before every miscarriage, in all this the baby stayed.

I saw hell during this period, attacks on every side, nightmares too but my baby stayed till I was 6 months gone. Adelakun burnt me with a pressing iron one hot afternoon after I slept off while cooking.

Mama Demola was really supportive, she advised that I return to my parents, I yielded to her advice. She gave me some money to support me too.


My culture frowns against divorce, my society too, even my religion

But Sir/Ma would you advise me to remain in such a marriage that poses such threat to my life? Should I sit there and wait till I am killed? Should I pray for such an evil man to change?

I am broken, wounded but I still have breath, I have a future too and I won’t let anyone ruin it.

The end.

I hope this inspires you? Please share

©️ Sophy Bless, June 2020

Claws on me

Love got it’s claws on me
Scratching off to chaff
The chains that guards my heart

Love got it’s touch on me
Softening what’s tough
Turning my heart to flesh

Love got a pillar for me
Strengthening what’s weak
Supporting my heart from the wind

Love got it’s lips on me
Kissing away my flaws
melting my nerves

Love got it’s eyes on me
Watching my every move
As I live, move and have my being

Love got it’s hold on me
Twisting and turning
Like in a ballet dance

Love, although not perfect
So true it is
Hitting and hitting again
Burying me in it’s depth
Till I am sealed in it’s concrete
Nobody save me!
I love the bondage in this
It is a perfect slavery
A worthy sentence
An awesome war
I am in love with this love

Love is you
And everything in between

©️ Sophy Bless, June 2020