Lost but NOT found

Mummy left me in the cold, she pushed me to the wall, she chose a man over, a man, not my father, not my uncle, not my brother, a total stranger (sobs).

Okay, let me let you in on how it all happened, my mother got raped at the age of 17, leaving her pregnant, her parents never believed her tale and since her father was a village chief and had a reputation to keep, he threw her out of the house and told her never to return, my mother’s mum also didn’t help in anyway.

My mum left the village very late that night and boarded a vehicle to the city, since life was hard she ventured into prostitution, that was how she managed to raise me till she found Jason and they got married, I was just 10 years old then, I never liked him although he tried all he could to make me like him but it never worked.

On my 12th birthday, mum was away and that was the worst birthday ever, Jason, (permit me to call him that), took me out on a treat since mum wasn’t around, he got me lot of stuff but I wasn’t so impressed but I had to pretend to, we got home quite late that night, Jason came into my room when I was fast asleep.

Before I could raise any alarm, Jason had already had his way with me, it was crazy, I felt what my mother felt when she was raped, why is this same thing happening to me?

Mum returned and I narrated everything to her but guess what? She didn’t believe a word that I said, well, I wasn’t surprised, she had always made it obvious that I was a mistake and that she hated me but it still hurt me.

Mum caught Jason red handed one night defiling me, I was atleast happy that she would finally believe me but guess what? It meant nothing to her, I was furious that night and the following conversation took place between mum and i

Mum: So after stealing my life, you want to steal my man too?

Me: mum….

Mum: Shut up Josephine, you seduced him

Me: mummy please, listen to me for ones even if this would be the last time

Mum: okay, say the nonsense you wanna say Aje (witch) and make it fast

Me: mum, all my life I longed for just one thing, mummy we are flesh and blood, love me for this reason alone, that is all I ask that you do (I couldn’t continue, I started crying)

Mum: (bursts into laughter) love you? You don’t deserved to be loved because that bastard of your father is the reason why my life ended by getting me pregnant.

She said this, left me in the room and stormed out of the house, this was the worst thing I ever heard in my life and it was just too much, more than I could bare, I packed my things and left home with the aim of never returning.

10 years had passed and I found favour before men and God, the woman I ran to when I left home sponsored my education till I became a T.V presenter along side a model.

I know my mum sees me on T.V every now and then but since there is no love in her heart for me, she would never come close to me, she never even made an attempt anyways.

I love her sincerely but she lost me to her words, I’ll never be found by her, I forgive and I pray to forget someday!

The end.

That was fiction but I hope you learn s thing or two from this heartbreaking tale.

Sophybless, May 14, 2019


In the desert, we thrived
On a journey to the ends of the earth, we arrived
To a new harsh environment, we imbibed
To a territory engulfed with mosquitoes and flies, we converged
In the heat we faint but yet we were revived
In a formidable land,we thrived and survived

In the desert, we thrived
on our walk on Jatau’s bridge, we sweat
In M.H, we met
Into our success,we crept
T.D.B.ing our way to the top, we fret

In the desert, we thrived
They said we were wasting our time
“that is an institution for the less”
They spat to our face
“Almajirai kawai” they mockingly fired
but every word they said fell to the ground
as we strived, as we aimed, as we never missed a shot.

In the desert, we thrived
You are either a jakometer or you journey to the end of the road
you are either adorned in long apparels or you journey to the V.C’s Complex
You are either prepared or you receive a short gun’s bullet on your head,
threatening your rationale.

In the desert, we thrived
Trampling on snakes and scorpions
Trampling on notes and journals
Trampling on heat and harmattan
Trampling on words and tenses
ready to storm the world

In the desert, we thrived
We were cooked in the pot of excellence
We drank from the cup of morality
We slept on the bed of stress and
arose to a morning filled with zest
Ready to pursue and overtake

In the desert, we thrived
Luxiriantly endowed with knowledge
We stood resolute, devoid of every spillage
adopting a new image, we were made mages of knowledge
Tried by the world’s best yet we came out faultless

In the desert,we thrived
We are Danfodites, we are Survivors
not despicable, we are Honourables
not droopy, we are Trail Blazers
not followers, we are Path Finders
We are Danfodites, in pre-eminence we would keep on striving
as we did in the desert
so we would in every weather.

Sophybless, May 13, 2019

Thursday tales with Sophybless

Oghenekevwe is a 29year old multimillionaire, people always said it was his diligence that brought him toss far, being that his background was one of struggle, poverty and pain.

Let’s here what Kevwe has to tell us…

I am Oghenekevwe, the first of five children from my parents, my father passed when I was 10years old, leaving my mum pregnant with Ovie our last born. Raising us was a task for our mum but even in it all, she ensured that I furthered my education till I bagged a B.Sc in Economics, that was achieved 8years back, my younger ones only managed to finish high school.

They all prayed and hoped that I get a good job but the more they prayed, the harder life became, after graduating with a second class upper from the University of Jos, I ran from office to office literarily begging to be offered employment, my job automatically became ‘job seeking’ itself.

Almost all offices, both private and public organisations had marked my face already as I was a regular applicant, at a point I didn’t mind being a security man or driver, I just needed to earn something at least to take care of my mum and siblings but everything I tried never seemed to work.

Four years went by and the story was still the same, I managed to enroll my immediate younger sister in a polytechnic to study mechanical engineering, she was coping fine but it was with struggle. Mum’s health kept deteriorating due to poor diet as well as depression that was accompanied with old age.

On one of my usual visit to offices I bumped into an old friend from school, Folashade is her name, seriously I was shocked, she rode in the latest version of a BMW, she stopped to buy fuel when I saw her, my joy was much as I ran towards her.

I remembered back then in school she was not so good academically, she always came to me for tutorials till she got fed up and decided to drop out of school, when we confronted her then she said “school is not by force oh, i am good in business and I’ll see how to thrive there, I can’t keep wasting my parents money”, every word of encouragement we said to her fell on deaf ears, seeing her was really a shocker, I only assumed she got married to a big shot in town but that wasn’t the case.

After talking with her, she told me how she started selling second hand clothes to when she ventured into mini importation business and how she endulged in series of legit online businesses, saving and saving till she started her clothing line and now she is known for her unique designs and all that.

She gave me her complimentary card, I thought she would give me some money but she didn’t, she dropped me off and told me to call her later that day.

I was moody all day, I saw myself as an educated fool that day, with my degree I had nothing to call my own, after weeks of thinking and planning, I finally decided to drop my certificate somewhere and hustle in another realm, I managed to start a car wash business, Folashade gave me a plot in the biggest estate in town, she said “I won’t give me money but the resources to make money” this words really challenged me and I used it as my motivation each day.

Months later I became so good in my car wash business, that I had to employ 3 others to work with me as I had line up of cars each day, I thought of how to expand and different ideas kept dropping in, I started offering home services, the money was constantly flowing and I had enough to save and enough to use for my family’s care, I learnt and started producing my carwash and in now time other people started patronising me, I started a car wash manufacturing company and the rest is history, it’s been from glory to glory, i can go on and on.

That was how I sponsored all my siblings and we all are having a good life, my regret was not thinking out of the box earlier but all glory to God I, through the help of a friend “Folashade” thought outside the box and here I am now, a multimillionaire, the knowledge I got from school helped me further as I applied some of the laws into my business which made it thrive.

Yes, that is the story of Oghenekevwe, what is your story? Have you discovered what you are really good at or you are busy following trend, no matter how stupid that hustle is, in as much as it’s legit, give it diligence and watch yourself climb up the ladder of success This is a wake up call dearies…

Sophybless, May 9, 2019